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Never has Canadian History seemed so intriguing…

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As a homeschooled high-schooler, I can say from firsthand experience that Donna Ward’s Canada in the 20th Century has greatly deepened my interest in and understanding of the people and events that have shaped our country into what it is today.
The interactive online material and other “living resources” have been excellent supplements to this outstanding curriculum! Never has Canadian history seemed so intriguing and RELEVANT! Thank you, Donna Ward!
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Canadian History Timeline Pictures

Canadian History Timeline Pictures
Cut out coloured timeline pictures

There are so many different ways to make timelines and I’ve done them all.

A roll of paper marked in centuries stayed up at the top of our kitchen walls for a number of years and we added to it as we studied. Of course, the children’s birth pictures we on the time line to help them with perspective. We included the last 500 years for European and North American history which helped to see how events fit together.

Scrapbook photo books are a more long lasting way to create a timeline with pages slipped into plastic covers.

Tiki-toki is my favourite online digital timeline creator.

What is your favourite kind of timeline?

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I love that you have so many books that compliment your curriculum…

St. Pierre

Thank you so much for your excellent resources. I’m now in my third year of homeschooling my two children (now 8 and 10). I am happy that I found your resources the first year that I began teaching.
I’ve had to source separate material for language arts (spelling, grammar and writing, and novel study), science, teaching French, music, math, art and social studies. It’s been worth it! One size does not fit all.
In the last three years, we’ve used your Canada, My Country book and accompanying materials, Africa, Land of Hope and related books, Canada’s Natives Long Ago, and this year we are studying Courage and Conquest for an excellent Canadian history program. I love that you have so many books that complement your curriculum.
I’m so happy with the curriculum and look forward to finding other gems from your shop!

Sarah St. Pierre, Port Perry, ON

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Red Serge for Valentine’s Day

Image Credit: Nicolas Blouin on Flickr (cc by sa)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a long & storied history in Canada. Known for their red parade uniforms and many heroic acts, they are a great part of Canadian history to read of for our Valentine’s Day week.  More

lesson 26
Courage & Conquest 7th Edition Lesson 26

Learn more of the history of the Mounted Police in Canada with Courage & Conquest: Discovering Canada History 7th Edition.