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Canada, A People’s History

9781552599525Canada, A People’s History DVDs – marvelous content because all the spoken monologues by actors are primary source material – are out of print. CBC has decided to offer live streaming instead of DVD production.

You can borrow physical copies from public libraries or your library may subscribe to Curio.ca, where CBC educational content can be streamed. Many schools and colleges subscribe, and a number of public libraries. Does your library have a subscription?

Curio Subscribers by Province

If not, you can ask your library to get a Curio subscription. Even stronger, get all your friends to petition the library so the library knows there is significant interest. See this link to a form you can copy or download and use at your homeschool group, or with family and friends.


CBC is committed to getting libraries on board in 2018-2019. You can help. Let’s get Canada, A People’s History back for easy access to everyone with a library card.


Teaching Resources

Homeschool Conferences

Homeschool conferences are a great place to touch and see amazing books your kids will love, and get good advice for your particular situation. Here are some highlights from the events we attended in MB, AB, BC and ON. Did we see you there?