Edible Maps

Photo by Red Daisies (Flickr) cc by sa We love the projects our kids make, but where do we store them all? Here is a project you can take a picture of and then let the kids eat it all up!!

Cookie Dough Maps will be a delight for students including the reluctant geographers! Try this fail proof recipe! Let us know what map you made!

See a homeschool blogger’s Cookie Dough Map photos:


Play The School Day Away

Children often learn facts more quickly when they play games. Trivia games are an excellent way to have your children learn more about Canada and remember facts about it. We have a link here to a fun Maple Bingo Game that uses your computer to print it out as well as the Trivia Questions link . We have many more educational activities on our EASY LINKS tab!


Teaching about New France

Children remember more of their history lesson when they can be involved in that period of history. Parks Canada has a great page to teach your children about New France and what it was like to live there between 1640 and 1740 AD. Your children can go to this link and defend New France.

Caroline Soucy,Parks Canada 2003
Caroline Soucy,Parks Canada 2003

They can go to Widow Chaure’s (click on soldier) and then build the palisades ordered by the Comte de Frontenac.
Cadet and sergeant of the Compagnies franches de la Marine between 1750 and 1755  Illustration by Eugène Lelièpvre / Parks Canada
Cadet and sergeant of the Compagnies franches de la Marine between 1750 and 1755 Illustration by Eugène Lelièpvre / Parks Canada

They can keep track of information in a free printable Soldier’s Notebook.
These are only a few of the activities from this website that your children can participate in.
More teaching ideas will be coming in future posts!


Reading Lists! So many books..so little time!

We read SO many great books over the years but didn’t keep a thorough title list. I definately encourage you and your kids to do this!

Remembering favourite books is like chatting with old friends; those characters we love and identify with.

I love Lisa’s free printable Reading Logs. Add to each child’s reading list each year. Give rewards for numbers of books read.

One creative Mom is putting together a memory box for each child as a gift when they leave home. Special books will be part of the collection. What a GREAT idea!!!!


About Donna…

Donna Ward is the author of four Canadian history/geography curricula, which have been widely used across the country in public, private and home schools. Donna’s love for good Canadian literature sets the foundation to provide teachers with a wealth of resources. Her goal has been to introduce intriguing stories that will captivate even the most reluctant student. Donna holds a degree in Religious Education from Ontario Bible College (now Tyndale University and College) Toronto.

Donna chose the rewarding journey of home education and taught each of her four children through Grade 8. The lack of quality Canadian material and Donna’s love for historical stories inspired the development of a program for her own children. Subsequently, thorough research and reviews by experts culminated in her popular studies available today. Donna is also a motivational speaker at home educators’ conferences across the nation.

Along with a love for our country, Donna also has a love for the people of the world. She strongly supports her husband, Doug, who works with Compassion Canada, a child-sponsorship agency bringing aid to destitute children in third-world countries. The Wards reside in Woodstock, ON. The children are in post-graduate or professional studies, in careers, and one is finishing university.


Teach the Five Themes of Geography

Teach the Five Themes of Geography

What are the Five Themes of Geography? Learn along with your children with these easy lesson plans.

For the young set: Click Here to see lesson plans using the 1941 award winning picture book Make Way for Ducklings about a family of mallards growing up in a park.

Statue of the title characters of Make Way for Ducklings by Nancy Schön, in Boston Public Garden. Taken by Gareth Owen.

For Grades 3-6 National Geographic offers an easy lesson plan on the Five Themes of Geography.

For upper grades: Click Here for more activities to teach The Five Themes of Geography by National Geographic.


Courage And Conquest E-book

You asked…we’ve done it!
Newly revised, this study includes historical fiction in every lesson.
Now includes Answer Key

Courage and Conquest is a chronological study of Canadian History including all major events in the settlement of Canada to Confederation. Each lesson includes references to literature sure to captivate the student’s interests. Text, reproducible workpage and time line picture with each lesson.

-Suggested reading for each lesson
-Easy to read text and reproducible workpage
-Full bibliography with over 80 titles including historical fiction (now listed with each lesson)
-Visual reinforcement with line drawing and Time Line pictures
-Suggestions for further research for older students
-Basic full-year program or can be a unit study resource.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to see more information: